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Newborn flowers and a thousand lightbulbs.

I’m here again at last at my desk on a damp gray Sunday morning in which one season ends and another begins, and subtle kinds of fertility are churning despite the overcast sky — I’m feeling the familiar-to-college-professors sense of … Continue reading

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A cheapskate debt-payoff update…

One more month to go in paying off the years of credit card debt. If there were a chart for the car, it would look like this too. The debt-payoff journey of the past four years will end in the … Continue reading

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In praise of the clothesline.

As a new clothesline convert, I now find the journey up the stairs from the basement where the washer and dryer are and out the back door into my backyard is literally and figuratively like the journey out of Plato’s … Continue reading

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Being a tough gal.

“Be like Flannery,” the late, great Barry Hannah said to our creative writing class at the University of Mississippi, looking at me.  It was the fall of 1995.  I was twenty-one, there as a visiting student to write with him, … Continue reading

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