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Afoot in the world.

Back on the bike for a big day of riding today, the first in too long a time, under a sky so blue it hurt to look at it.  This was the kind of sunny, windy April day that has … Continue reading

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A general Cheapskate update.

Ah, loyal readers, where to begin? So much has been happening offscreen lately.  Bidding gleeful goodbyes to Rick “Torquemada” Santorum (as Bob has dubbed him.)  Gearing up for some local action on May 5 (stay tuned.) Ending a Lenten Facebook … Continue reading

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A world safe for children — really.

In Florida, an unarmed boy with dark brown skin, walking to a convenience store for some candy, is shot by a jittery, self-styled “neighborhood watch” vigilante.  The reasoning of the white shooter and his supporters — who erupt all over … Continue reading

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