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Giving back to the garden.

It’s been a tough week in our little town, with reminders of how quickly life can change, and how strong the fabric of friendship and love in a community can be, and how precious the threads are that connect us. … Continue reading

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Gardening in public.

Our little town’s gardening group has been buzzing after two of our members — following a neighbor’s anonymous complaint — were notified recently that they might be in violation of a city ordinance against gardening in the “boulevard,” the strip … Continue reading

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What is this “little extra” – really?

Summer is here, with its higher level of activity — and time for me to take two yoga classes a week instead of just one.  Among yoga’s many benefits is a higher level of awareness of your body, what it … Continue reading

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A sweet, savory summer salad.

So while maybe it’s not terribly original, I was proud of this when I threw it together, with an experimental tweak or two, last night: lettuce from the garden, cold deep-red plums from the fridge [pause for silent William Carlos … Continue reading

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