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Black Friday.

Black as in Iowa soil, that is — its first couple inches just touched with frost, covering golden potatoes underneath. The cold came at last, the day after Thanksgiving in this unusually warm fall.  Time to harvest everything that was … Continue reading

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Common ground: politics, water, and life.

Checking my email on what is going to be my last full morning in Alabama for a while, I found some very troubling news: fracking may be coming to our beautiful little corner of northeast Iowa. You might say it’s … Continue reading

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Somebody made this: who?

This morning, I took my first-ever pottery class, in the spacious studio in our college’s arts center, with a generous colleague, George, and a large group of students, several of whom had been in my classes before. I’m here on … Continue reading

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Diets, labels, and a local life.

Some great conversations with my yoga teacher, a nutritionist, and other good friends and advisors lately — along with traveling, walking, and experiencing a bad blood-sugar crash in foreign places — have set me one stage deeper on a path … Continue reading

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Polar bears on a Coke can.

Today, just before Christmas, finishing up my grading and trying to cut down on the caffeine that’s one of the many things spiking my blood pressure this month, I picked up a can of Coke from the cooler in our … Continue reading

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Makes me wanna holler.

Looking at this video makes me wanna holler. College students peacefully occupy a public space.  Policemen ordered in by the university chancellor demand they leave.  Students remain where they are, linking arms and bowing their heads.   A policeman whips … Continue reading

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Joseph Stiglitz, Nobel-Prize-winning economist, addresses OWS.

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